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Luvo Mat Slow Feeder

Luvo Mat Slow Feeder

Giá thông thường $19.25 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $19.25 USD
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Luvo Slow Feeder Mat -   is a fantastic for Dogs who like to guzzle their food.

Recommended by vets and animal behaviourists, the Luvo Mat Slow Feeder helps your dog by slows down their eating without causing them anxiety or frustration.

The benefits of this can include reduced bloating, overeating, vomiting and obesity. Your pet will love licking their favourite pastes off our Luvo Mat Slow Feeder.

Luvo Mat Slow Feeder is the best two parts are designed to hold your Dogs kibble and snacks. They both have little rubber grips underneath to stop them from sliding around. 

The other half was designed to hold peanut butter and other pastes. It can even be frozen overnight wet treats. Perfect for a healthy little snack for your Dog!

If your dog hates its grooming time, Luvo Mat Slow Feeder is the perfect distraction. Simply lather the licking mat with peanut butter or another delicious paste and suction it onto a hard surface.



Simply fill each section with either their Food, Treats or Pastes and let them feast! It's also super simple to clean as you can just rinse them off or give them a light scrub after use, also you can put it in a dishwasher if u like!

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